Gold Buying

Gold Buying

Gold Buying Chattanooga TN

Something Old. Something New.

With jewelry styles constantly evolving, why hold on to outdated pieces?

You know those chains and bracelets (or nugget jewelry … eek!) from the 70’s and 80’s that are stuffed way back in the drawer of your jewelry box (and probably tangled)? Well, they still have value. Why not bring them in and sell them for cash or use as credit towards a new design? Styles come and go. Some will return and some won’t, so with metal prices being near historic highs, now is the time to cash in.

If you need spending cash for a vacation or other needs, or if you want a new piece created, you can apply your old jewelry towards a new design or store credit. Simply bring in your old, broken, damaged or out-of-date pieces, and cash in. We accept your 10, 14 and 18 karat gold and platinum for its most current market value.

No appointment is necessary. We’ll weigh and examine your pieces with you present and offer you an immediate settlement. So, give your pieces a fresh start and give yourself some spending money!

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