For Veterans

For Our Veterans

Respect. Honor.

Sam Edwards Jewelers makes it a special point to recognize all the veterans who protect this great country. Without these brave men and women of our armed forces, our freedom would not be possible. These men and women put themselves in harms way every day, at home and abroad, so that we may go about our daily activities such as school, work, leisure and travel with safety and confidence. Sam Edwards Jewelers makes every effort to show our appreciation to our customers who have so proudly served this country and take care of us. For that, when you need us … we will ‘take care’ of you!

Sam Edwards Jewelers ♦ Chattanooga’s Jewelry Source for U.S. Military Veterans


A+ Experience!! Very knowledgeable and helpful in all aspects of designing my fiancé’s wedding band! The process is top notch and the customer service is unbeatable! It’s nice to be able to support a local business that cares about their local customers!

Mr. Edwards was extremely kind and accommodating of our specific needs. He went above and beyond to ensure that my ring was resized perfectly and in incredible time! My fiancé and I will be sure to visit this company again!

This is a phenomenal jeweler to go for anything you’re looking for. You will be treated with class and get to deal directly with Mr. Edwards throughout your purchase. They do a wonderful job on custom designs and can 3D print a model of your design before you finalize. Highly recommend.