Custom Design

Create Your Own Timeless Piece.

We are pleased to announce that Sam Edwards Jewelers is the first and only jewelry store in our area to offer a state-of-the-art 3-D computerized custom jewelry design service. With this exciting new program, we can now create nearly every style of ring imaginable, right before your eyes. Our professional jewelry designer will help guide you to create a timeless piece, tailored to every facet of your personality and imagination.

We specialize in traditional and contemporary designs for engagement rings, wedding sets, anniversary and fashion rings – even pendants. The possibilities are endless for creating a style that is all your own. It’s unique and only for you, exclusively from Sam Edwards Jewelers.

Steps To Creating Your Beautiful Ring

The first step in designing your unique piece of jewelry is the initial consultation with our design expert. During this visit, we will begin the creative design process by discussing your design ideas.

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The second step involves our lead designer initiating the design process using our State-of-the-Art CAD/CAM System. Our designer begins by reviewing your ideas and creating a tailored piece based on the specifications of your initial consultation.

Once our designer creates several versions of your initial idea, you will be able to view the model in a 3-dimensional rotating rendering. These rendered designs can even be placed on a computer generated hand model to produce a life-like impression of the new design!

The final step in the design process involves you viewing and approving the rendered design, along with a 3-D resin model you can try on. Once approved, our designer will submit your design for casting, stone setting and finishing. Soon (usually within 12-25 days) you’ll be wearing your unique masterpiece; created for you, by you!

Be sure to call (423) 899-5903 to schedule your appointment with our designer and begin creating your special masterpiece today! Appointments are available each day at 11am, 2pm, 3pm and 4pm and will usually last around 30-40 minutes.


A+ Experience!! Very knowledgeable and helpful in all aspects of designing my fiancé’s wedding band! The process is top notch and the customer service is unbeatable! It’s nice to be able to support a local business that cares about their local customers!

Mr. Edwards was extremely kind and accommodating of our specific needs. He went above and beyond to ensure that my ring was resized perfectly and in incredible time! My fiancé and I will be sure to visit this company again!

This is a phenomenal jeweler to go for anything you’re looking for. You will be treated with class and get to deal directly with Mr. Edwards throughout your purchase. They do a wonderful job on custom designs and can 3D print a model of your design before you finalize. Highly recommend.