Custom Design

Custom Design

Custom Jewelry Design Services

You imagine. We create.

Want a unique piece of jewelry designed just for you? Then we are your store……Sam Edwards Jewelers has the only design studio in the area that employs not just one, but two highly sophisticated cutting-edge 3-dimensional (3D) CAD/CAM design software programs. Each individual system is utilized by our experienced jewelry designers who use this technology to enhance your jewelry design experience. This advanced 3D system allows you to imagine, create and visualize your ideal piece….and we can even provide you with a 3-D printed model so you can see just how it will look, before casting begins. No other store in the area can offer this unique service.

Your custom design experience takes place in just a few steps.

  1. First, meet our lead designer, share your vision and lay out the foundation for your finished piece.
  2. Next, review preliminary digital designs as your final piece begins to take shape. Our lead designer will suggest adjustments that blend designs as you continue the journey towards your vision. Further refinement leads to a selection of stunning, rotating 3-D renderings, allowing you to finalize each detail of your design.
  3. With an approved final design and in just a few short weeks, your idea will take the shape of a real life finished piece as Sam Edwards sets the stones and polishes the piece to perfection.

custom jewelry design program

In a very short time, you’ll be wearing your unique masterpiece….inspired, designed and created for you!….by you!

Traditional or contemporary, the perfect engagement ring or a timeless keepsake, let the Sam Edwards Jewelers design team help you make your dream a reality. Call to schedule your appointment.

Sam Edwards Jewelers ♦ Chattanooga’s custom jewelry design destination.