Appraisal Services

Your treasures. Our expertise.

When was the last time you had your jewelry pieces insured? Or, are you thinking of selling your jewelry and need supporting documentation? If so, then what we provide, that other stores simply do not or can’t, is Professional Certified Documentation that will include full detailed descriptions along with multiple digital images of each individual piece, all delivered to you in a portfolio style format.

At Sam Edwards Jewelers we offer our Professional Jewelry Appraisal Service at reasonable and affordable fees. What sets us apart from the “free” appraisal services is that we actually take the time to catalog, clean, inspect and photograph each piece in great detail, all performed on premise. There are many different types of appraisals and evaluations and all are very time intensive. Please look for the types of appraisal services below to see which best suits your needs. All evaluations and appraisals are provided in written form. Sorry, nothing verbal or “while you wait” – because doing the job properly requires time and knowledgeable consideration.

As a member of the exclusive American Gem Society, Sam Edwards Jewelers is committed to you by providing accurate appraisal portfolio documents for a wide range of jewelry items, giving you the information you need to obtain insurance coverage or to sell your valuables. We offer this professional service by scheduling a consultation appointment, at which time we will guide you through our examination process and consult with you about our fees.

Sam Edwards Jewelers provides many different types of appraisal portfolio documents, each different and all based on the intended use or purpose (need) for each piece.

The types of appraisal documents that we offer are:

      • Statement of Insurance Replacement Coverage (to insure your items)
      • Statement of Fair Market Value (to sell your pieces)
      • Statement of Estate Distribution (distribution to heirs)
      • Letters of Insurance Replacement (for claim settlement)

There are many stores that offer “appraisal” services, but they simply lack the education, experience, knowledge, certification or understanding of appraisal theories and how they best relate to your needs. Many stores also claim to offer “free appraisals.” But what do you get for free? Usually nothing. Beware of stores offering free or verbal appraisals because, usually, you leave with unrealistic information – or no valid or useful information at all.

You’ll find comfort in knowing that all of our documents are prepared by one of two staff Certified Gemologist Appraisers, trained and re-certified each year through rigorous annual examinations and color vision testing issued by the American Gem Society (AGS). In seeking to know the value of your personal or heirloom jewelry, you can entrust your valuables to the expert appraisers at Sam Edwards Jewelers and you’ll know they are in good hands.

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