Jewelry Repair Chattanooga Trusts

Repaired. Restored. Renewed.

Sam Edwards Jewelers has an expert and knowledgeable staff that performs many types of jewelry repair services on premise. For that reason, we're the primary provider of jewelry repair Chattanooga residents trust for quality. Not only do we offer jewelry design, but we’re also well known for seamless repair that leaves customers with a fully restored piece.

As the Chattanooga region’s only Certified Senior Bench Jeweler, we’re delighted to offer you a number of expert jewelry repair and restoration services, including:

1. Ring Sizing and Modification

Restore a true fit to your ring again – just like it used to feel. Your memories don’t have to stay in the jewelry box.

2. Ring Shank Replacement

When setting, shoulders, and prong are intact, we can replace the ring shank to restore full use to the ring.

3. Necklace and Bracelet Repair

Many necklaces and bracelets are delicate. Sam Edwards has the right tools for the job. In addition, we have decades of experience with this type of jewelry repair Chattanooga customers often request.

4. Diamond and Gemstone Setting

Whether the stone has fallen out or you simply want to replace it with a different stone, we can help.

5. Prong Replacement

On rare occasions, the prong of a ring may break. In that case, bring the ring to us. We’ll fix it so that you can’t even tell it was ever damaged.

6. Polishing and Refinishing

Not technically a repair, polishing and refinishing still play a valuable part in the look of a treasured ring. Let us give that ring a shine that will attract attention.

7. Rhodium Plating of White Gold

Has your white gold lost its clarity? Would you like to have a typical gold ring plated? Our rhodium plating service is your first call.

8. Platinum Ring Sizing and Repair

Platinum, one of the harder metals, can be difficult to work with. Our training and expertise give us the ability to size and repair your platinum ring.

9. Watch Battery Replacement

For many valuable watches, replacing the battery without damage is essential. Sam Edwards is experienced in battery replacement.

Sam Edwards Jewelers ♦ Expert Jewelry Repair Chattanooga Trusts for On-site Jewelry Repair Services.