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Sam F. Edwards - Owner, Certified Gemologist Appraiser (CGA)

Sam F. Edwards - Owner, Certified Gemologist Appraiser (CGA)

♦  Certified Gemologist Appraiser (American Gem Society)
♦  Graduate Gemologist (Gemological Institute of America)
♦  Registered Jeweler (American Gem Society)
♦  Certified Senior Bench Jeweler (Jewelers of America)
♦  Member, American Gem Society
♦  Member, Jewelers Board of Appraisal Review (J-BAR) 
♦  Member, Gemological Institute of America Alumni Association

Beginning in 1984 and faced with many career opportunities, Sam F. Edwards was invited by his grandfather to join him in jewelry industry by offering Sam an apprenticeship position at East Tennessee Jewelers Exchange, Inc., in Knoxville, a company which his grandfather, Sam H. Edwards, had founded in 1957.  The elder Edwards began his career in 1934 and eventually Sam's two younger brothers also entered the business in the mid and late 1980's.

At East Tennessee Jewelers Exchange, Sam learned the business from the ground up, beginning with polishing and refinishing, metal fabrication and simple jewelry repairs, gradually moving onto more intricate levels of the repair shop and eventually accompanying his grandfather in the showroom and also sitting alongside in him in meetings with diamond dealers from New York and Europe.

Fast forward to 2008, Sam decided to open his own store, Sam Edwards Jewelers, in it's current location.  This was the realization of a carefully calculated plan Sam had nurtured as he spent his early years learning the jewelry business from the ground up.  Sam holds an MBA (Master's Degree in Business) from the University of Tennessee (Knoxville) and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.  He has also earned and holds the highest gemological and jewelry titles and diplomas available within the jewelry industry.  Sam is 1 of only 2 Certified Gemologist Appraisers in Chattanooga and 1 of only 4 in the state of Tennessee (earned by The American Gem Society).  He holds the Certified Senior Bench Jeweler certificate #33 nationally (the first certificate holder in the State of Tennessee), earned by Jewelers of America.

Sam delights in using his 34+ years of workbench craftsmanship and gemological training to bring people together through education and guidance.  He actually teaches his customers about diamonds, gemstones and the aspect of creating one-of-a-kind pieces so that they can make the best decision for themselves, when they're ready.  His desire for excellence and impeccable attention to detail is exhibited in his work.  Sam never stops in pursuing perfection and consistently continues to raise the bar of standards in excellence.  "I give the same attention to detail on every piece, whether I'm sizing a sterling silver ring or setting a diamond or gemstone in a highly valued piece, because to our customers, their piece is special and valuable and that makes us treat each piece as if it were ours, they have entrusted us and that speaks volumes as to the care we give."

Sam has had the opportunity to travel for the business and has networked with the 'Icons' of the industry and has seen many amazing pieces that very few people ever get to see.  From viewing and handling massive quantities of gold and raw precious metals to single diamonds valued into the millions, these experiences give his store a huge wealth of resources and knowledge for his customers. 

Sam and his wife Rhonda have been married 30 years and have two children, Ryan and Christa.  Sam enjoys watching high school and college football, lacrosse and wrestling, as well as auto racing.  He enjoys participating in saltwater fishing, weight training and fitness and currently trains and competes in National Physique competitions.  He also enjoys, when time permits, the simple pleasures of relaxing at home with family and Lucy, their pet beagle.

Sam looks forward to working with you and educating you to help create your special engagement ring or jewelry piece, highlighted with a memorable one-of-a-kind design, specifically for you or your special someone.

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